Hazelnut Mocha - 6 Pack

Hazelnut Mocha - 6 Pack



Pack of 6: $35 | Pack of 12: $66

Our raw hazelnut mocha slice is for the coffee and chocolate lovers! We've combined organic ground coffee beans into a hazelnut ganache filling for an exquisitely delicious mocha experience.  

Comprised of 3 layers of handcrafted organic deliciousness: a crunchy choc hazelnut brownie base, a hazelnut mocha filling and our raw chocolate top. 

Each slice measures 3cm x 7cm and weighs approximately 55-60 grams each.

Our slices will keep for up to 2 months when kept in their container in the fridge.

Our slices are packed and shipped in sturdy containers. We will include a reusable ice pack and ship with Australia Post Express in the warmer months to ensure they arrive in excellent condition. Please visit our shipping page for more information on shipping. Shipping is free for orders over $100, use the code FREE. 

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