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New Raspberry Cheesecake Slice is here!


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We are Manuko

We are makers of premium organic, raw choc treats.

Handcrafted in our dedicated organic factory in Melbourne, Australia.

Our purpose is to create moments of pure joy for people, whilst fostering a healthier life and a more sustainable world.

That’s why we are passionate about using organic, wholefood ingredients.

We believe these ingredients create the healthiest and most delicious products imaginable, and contribute to a more sustainable world.

We hope you enjoy the difference!

Our treats are made with certified organic ingredients and are all vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free.

We wholesale to cafes, food stores and specialty retailers across Melbourne, Victoria and Australia. 

And we deliver express to your door! Victoria wide.

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New Choc Espresso Slice is here!

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All I can say is: OMG!! Your desserts are out of this world!! I have never had a raw treat this good!!
— Melanie Lionello, founder of Naturally Nutritious

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Healthy indulgence. Find us in cafes and food stores across Australia.

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