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Loving Life Project Manifesto


Loving life project is an exploration into what it takes to live a rich, full and meaningful life.

We call it a project, because it’s something that’s never finished. It’s an ongoing journey of learning, growing and discovering something about ourselves and about life that enables us to live well and to feel alive, connected and inspired.

It’s more than happiness, or happenstance, which can be fleeting. It’s about something deeper and something greater. It’s about a deep sense of joy and meaning that we believe is possible and essential to living well and feeling fully alive.

There is no dogma or ideology. There’s no answers or expectation that one should be ‘happy’ at all costs.

It’s about being fully human, and embracing our full humanity.

It’s not only about feeling connected with ourselves and with each other, but with something greater too. Some greater element or mystery of life that we are all a part of.

This is about discovering and celebrating the beauty and extraordinary nature of life.

It’s an adventure, and we invite you to be a part of it!